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Magnetic separation

When it comes to magnetic separation and filtration, MHD Magnets is one the world’s leading companies with experience dating back to 1986. In all these years we have been on the forefront in developing magnetic separation equipment, and we still are. Contact us for more information about magnetic filtration and the latest magnetic separation equipment.

Apply magnetic separation equipment to your production line

MHD Magnets offers specialized equipment to metal plants, chemical industries, the food & beverages industry, and many more. The products remove metallic particles from fluids with a high efficiency. It is mainly used to extract ferrous metal contaminants from liquids in many different industries. Which device is best suited to your needs depends on a number of things. Application purposes is one. Budget a second. Explain us your current situation and needs. Our specialists are highly experienced and well trained, and are perfectly capable of installing all types of magnetic separation equipment. If anyone can tell what equipment will suit your needs best, it’s them.

Contact us for more information about magnetic filtration

Care to know more about magnetic filtration by MHD Magnets? Check out the different products on our website for an impression of the assortment. If this leads to any questions, if you wish to inquire further about a specific product, or if you want to request a quotation, feel free to contact us. You can do so via You can also use this number to make an appointment with one of our specialists for making up an inventory of the current situation at your company.

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