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Magnetic separator machine

Several years ago, MHD Magnets introduced the PACMAN magnetic separator machine. A machine which is characterized by quality workmanship and reliable results. In the following years this magnetic separation equipment was perfected, making it the best available magnetic technology for efficiently removing weld balls and metal dust. It is the reason that the PACMAN magnetic separator machine is currently used in over 70 automobile manufacturing plants all over the world. Care to know more? Contact MHD Magnets and request more detailed information about the PACMAN.

Advantages of the PACMAN magnetic separator machine

First of all, the PACMAN is a reliable piece of magnetic separation equipment with a long lifespan. The oldest model is still in active duty, and has been since 1995! Other advantages of the PACMAN are:

  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • A separation rate of up to 80%
  • The ability to operate in aggressive and corrosive fluids

These are just some of the beneficial features that the PACMAN magnetic separator machine has to offer.

Why choose MHD Magnets as your supplier of magnetic separation equipment?

There are several suppliers of magnetic separation equipment to choose from, so why choose MHD Magnets? Because we offer you:

  • High-end, maintenance free products that is easily integrated in existing factory systems
  • Products with a green footprint
  • Technology that helps reduce production costs
  • An extensive range of equipment

Contact MHD Magnets for more detailed information

For more information about the technical specs of the PACMAN, please contact MHD Magnets. Our employees have extensive experience with this machine and are happy to provide you with any additional information you require to make an informed decision. Contact MHD Magnets via

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